Dealing With Negativity When Working From Home

Doing what you enjoy. Setting your own schedule. Getting paid what you are really worth. These are just some of the reasons that more and more people are opting out of the nine-to-five type of jobs, choosing instead to start working from home. These and other benefits make being a location-independent entrepreneur an attractive option.

But it can be difficult to get your loved ones to see things that way.

So you may have found a way to earn money without having to dress up and clock in, but your family and friends may think you’re just chasing a pipe dream. You may hear more people asking when you’ll get a “real job” than people asking about how well your business is doing. Constantly hearing things like this can be dangerous for you as an entrepreneur.

Even if those close to you look down on your endeavors, it’s possible for you to overcome it and succeed. Take heart with these helpful tips for handling the negativity.

• Do not retaliate. Sometimes it can be very tempting to respond to negative opinions with some of your own. Resist the urge. Not only does negativity breed negativity, but some of the people you come down on could be dealing with problems of their own. Plus, you never realize that you hurt someone very close to you until after it’s too late – like your best friend or your spouse.

• Explain your side of things. People tend to have bad thoughts about things they don’t understand. To those who know you, watching you leave a seemingly solid job to strike out on your own may seem totally illogical. Try telling them about what you do and why you made that choice. The more they know, the less likely they will be to put you down.

• Smile. Of course, smiling is good for you – it takes fewer facial muscles than frowning. It is also a good way to disarm others who may be giving you problems over working from home. And smiling can also help to pick up your spirits, which definitely contributes to keeping you going forward.

• Stand behind your decision. While you want to avoid confrontation with the people you love, you also need to support your choice to work for yourself. Even if you agree with them simply to avoid trouble, you may ultimately believe what you’re being told – and if you do that, you will be less likely to do well as an entrepreneur. Believe in yourself, even if your friends and family do not.

• Keep going. Getting caught up in how your loved ones feel about your business can drain time and energy that you need to put towards your work. While you shouldn’t cut off your friends and family, make sure that you are focused on your business. Chances are that if those close to you see that your efforts are paying off, they will quickly start singing a different and more delightful tune.

Dealing With Negativity When Working From Home Credit Picture License:MY INSURANCE GUY via photopin (license)