Are You a Good Team Player?

From the time you started kindergarten, you have probably been learning the value of being an effective member of a group. Groups tend to be made up of a variety of personality types with some being leaders and others happy to follow along. Some groups naturally work well together while others are out of balance with one or two members carrying way too much of the workload. Once you have become a team member in your job, you should realize the importance of each and every team member contributing what they can to create viable solutions.

Are you the person who is so anxious to get a project completed that you want to handle each part of the job by yourself? If so, you may be holding back the creativity of others and missing out on the ideas and efforts that will result in a more effective outcome. The basic idea for creating teams in the first place is to complete a project faster and with the best possible solutions. Working together should produce more creativity, not stifle it.

Are you content to sit back and take orders while another team member leads the charge? You are a valuable member of the team with unique ideas and talents. Put your ideas out there and be willing to do what is needed to ensure the final result is the best one you as a team can produce.

Thanks to modern technology, you don’t even have to be in the same room to work with a team. Data backup systems that store files in the cloud make it possible to access your data with any mobile device or computer with an internet connection and share it with others. This option gives companies more options for grouping together various employees and partners to include the greatest variety of talent possible.

Consider your greatest strength when you are working with a team and think about how you can use it to enhance progress with the project on which you are currently working on. Chances are that if every member of the team makes the effort to make a meaningful contribution, your talents will combine to do a really great job. It should be an act of participation, not one of taking charge or following in another team member’s footsteps.

A group project is a great opportunity for you to spread your wings and venture out into other areas of interest that you don’t typically get to try. Where there is a need, determine what you have to offer and you may even surprise yourself by your newfound capabilities.

Looking at group work as an opportunity instead of a challenge can make the difference in how the project progresses and how you feel about the experience once it is over. Enter with the confidence that comes from knowing your abilities and having a willingness to apply them.

Are You a Good Team Player? Credit Picture License: Teamwork and team spirit via photopin (license)