What Kind of person are you in the workplace?

There are three different kinds of people. Some people are extroverts, some are introverts and others are ambiverts. An extrovert is that guy who always seems to be hyper. They are enthusiastic, assertive, and many times quite talkative. Extroverts love being around people and like to be involved in social activities. An extrovert will usually get bored quickly when he/ she is not in the company of other people. Extroverts are the kind of people you need to invite if you want to have a smashing party.

When it comes to the working environment, extroverts can be very good team players. This is because for one, they tend to desire to be pleasant to others and will cooperate more readily. They also interact easily with other people and are more skillful at it. Extroverts are also very good in hyping up a group that would otherwise be too laid back, dull, and boring. Due to their social skills, and usually daring personalities, extroverts make very good sales people.

Then we have the introvert. An introvert is a person who is quite comfortable in his/ her own company. They are usually seen to be people who are more reflective in their ways. They are often considered thinkers since they are most of the time in their own mental world. Introverts usually like having their space to themselves and therefore like doing things by themselves. Introverts are usually overwhelmed with excessive stimulation from social activities. Introverts should however not be confused with shy people. Many introverts do not fear interacting with others but simply prefer not to.

Introverts are usually found in careers where being solitary confinement is advantageous. For example fields such as writing, engineering, composing, painting, sculpturing, and computer programming are all areas predominantly occupied by introverts. Since introverts love working alone and are not very comfortable in crowded work places, many are attracted to jobs where they work in seclusion such as working online from home.

There is also another category, the ambivert category. It is impossible to categorize all people as either being exclusively extroverts or exclusive introverts. There is another category of people that falls between the two categories. These are people who can be comfortable when around social groups but also love spending time alone.

Ambivert people are best at achieving balance in their work places. They are not loud individuals who talk tirelessly and end up irritating others but they can be calculating and can choose when to freely talk with others and when to be quiet. When it comes to jobs such as sales, they know when to push a client but they also know when to ease off the pressure from a client. They are known to provide better care for a client.

Ambiverts can also be very good leaders. Leaders are usually judged by how assertive they are. A good leader is one who knows when to be very assertive and know when to be mild. An extrovert leader is many times likely to assert pressure even when he/ she needs to be mild whereas and introvert might be too lenient. An ambient will often provide the right balance and provide the best leadership.

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