Being a Better Employee

No one wants to go into work and be hated by their boss. It just makes your life miserable, especially since you spend so much time at work. It’s better to be the golden employee. To be the first person that they come to when they have a promotion or another job offer. It is possible to get on your boss’s good side. There are several actions you can take today to get you there.

1. Know What The Company Needs

Day in and day out, you are dealing with your company. You know every single flaw and bug in the system. Well it is time to come up with a solution to those problems and present them to the manager. For example, in your company, scheduling meetings is extremely difficult. There is no simple line of communication available. So you suggest something such as Highrise CRM to make everyone’s lives easier. Your boss will be proud that you took the initiative to find a solution to a problem rather than just complain.

2. Do What Needs To Be Done

If you’re someone who constantly needs to be told what to do, rather than finding the next problem to solve, your boss is likely to feel like he’s babysitting you. You need to be able to identify what to do next on your own. If there is something that everyone else is ignoring, now is your opportunity to step up to the plate and get it done without being told. Of course you should check in with your manager now and again to see what he needs from you, but you still have some freedom to choose what is next. Your boss will see that you have a good work ethic while everyone else is standing around.

3. Know Your Job and Industry

You need to know your job title inside and out. If you’re a Graphic Designer, you need to know everything there is on it. Study it in your free time if you don’t know everything (which you likely don’t). Know the latest technology that is out there. If your job is managing your company’s software, you better be reading articles dealing with software. Regardless of what you do, you just need to know how to do your job. Your boss will notice that you’re an expert in your field.

In the end, being a good employee is about being prepared and caring. If you want to keep your job, you have to prove that you deserve to be there. Knowing your company, your job, and your boss, will help you maintain your position and even move up a few levels. If you’re interested in even more tips, Forbes wrote an article regarding your employee status.

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