How To Choose The Best Fireproof Gun Safe

When you think how to store your gun safely, you need to take into account many things and the fire protection as well. Each year more than 400 000 residential fires happen so it’s a good idea to make sure your new gun safe provides good protection.

As with doing any other kind of shopping, choosing a right fireproof gun safe you need to consider many features, including the size, material, locking mechanisms, easiness of installation and the amount of money you are willing to spend. Maybe you are looking for the one that has removable shelves if you need to store more than one gun or other valuables together with the gun.

There are many choices out there, but we are going to indicate just most popular ones. Don’t forget to read the reviews and ratings on the websites of online sellers; they are very useful in helping you to decide. Fireproof safes are usually rated by the time they can withstand the extreme temperatures. Models usually offer between half-hour to four hours protection.

One of the great budget options is to buy a small fireproof gun safe, if you are planning to change its location in the house and store just one handgun. It can be easily hidden from the eyes of children or visitors.
However keep in mind that their protection lasts for about half-hour, in case you need more, you have to shop for the ones that are heavy and have thick steel doors and walls. Such materials as sheet-rock and ceramic wool blanketing are most common in fireproofing. Brands to consider include: SentrySafe, Stack-On, Paragon and others. First Alert offers UL classified 1-hour resistance up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining an internal temperature of less than 350 degrees.

In case you possess a really big collection of weapon, there are models where you can fit up to 30 guns; check out brands like Browning, Liberty Gun or Winchester. If you want to protect your gun both from fire and water, choosing a fireproof safe that has water resistance as well can be a smart idea. SentrySafe and First Alert offer such safes at really reasonable prices, starting with $50.

As for a locking mechanism, mechanical locksare recommendable in most cases as they are much more durable than electronic ones. Always make sure that the lock is UL rated, because those that are not most often come from China and have a really poor quality. If your budget isn’t too tight you can opt for a fancier idea: biometric grade locks.

Safes with them only will open after they recognize your fingerprints, the shape of your hand or face, or the structure of your retina. Retinal scanner is more preferable than fingerprint-based, because fingers can get cut or burnt easily. There are models that offer two kinds of locks, and there are some even with three, offering better protection for the weapon.

You see that the choice is really big and you have to weigh a number of factors while shopping. You need to pay attention to the warranty policy as well, in case some parts will need replacement or if it will stop functioning right.

How To Choose The Best Fireproof Gun Safe Credit Picture License: morgan.davis via photopin cc