Amazing Ideas for Compact Home Office


Having a home office is one of the basics for home-based workers and also businessmen. However, it is not easy to have a comfortable space to work in, especially if the house is already small, to begin with. Here are some tips and ideas that are worth the read, in order to create a space where you could do your work efficiently without worrying about comfort and functionality.


There are basic things that you would need in a home office: desk, chair, computer, printer and a place to put on your files and other things. Choose items that do not take enough space. For instance, instead of getting a bulky executive chair for your office, opt for a small and low chair that would easily fit in tiny spaces. You can also have your table customized to fit in a corner or a certain space between two cabinets, for example. Instead of getting a space-consuming desktop computer and monitor, you might as well just get a laptop that you could also easily keep when you are not using it. Desktop file organizers would also take up lesser space than big filing cabinets. Plus, there are lots of designs to choose from these days that would complement the theme of the room you are in. Do not get items that would only take up too much of your desk space. Some examples of these are freebies, big lamps, giant speakers, and so on.


Your work might require you to have a lot of books, files and other items that would not fit in your small office. Utilize the wall above your desk. Put up some wall mounts for your books and other things. Have drawers under your desk. This would allow you to keep files and other things that would cramp up your desk. It would also allow you to keep your desk clutter-free. Use the divider as storage. If you have a divider between your office and the rest of the room, have it customized so you can store whatever needs to be kept.


If having a separate space only for the office is just impossible, try to make your office part of the home. Your staircase landing can be the best place to put up your small desk and chair. Usually, this space is empty except for some decorative plants. Maximize the place by using a desk and chair that can be folded or rolled in when not in use. The empty space under the staircase is also a good spot for a comfy office. Just make sure that you keep your desk neat at all times especially if that area is visible to visitors. It would also be a great idea to have a bench customized to fit in under the desk. You can have a wooden door that would cover the whole desk, as well when you are not working.  Unused cabinets are also great places to have a hidden office. Once you are done with work, you could just simply roll in the chair and close the doors.