With a highly demanding day job, I do not like my sleep being disturbed

Sleep is very important and I love my sleep a great deal. However, for the past few weeks I have not been able to have very good sleep.

I work as an accountant in a very busy firm in town. I love my job and I am not complaining about the work load – actually I like it as it is. I would rather work continuously than have any breaks where I am idle. I hate being idle and the boredom of idleness makes me nuts. This is hugely due to my personality. Unlike many people, I am not very social; therefore, during periods of idleness, unlike most people, I am not inclined to engage in some useless chatter.

Apart from being introverted, I do not find much appeal in other things which other people engage in to pass time. This includes things like social media, playing computer games, or surfing certain entertainment sites on the internet.

Due to this very unique personality, I get very bored when I do not have work to do. Fortunately or unfortunately, my personality has earned me the tag of a workaholic. People have realized that I do not take any unnecessary breaks from my work and that I never complain about work. The bosses love me and I hold the company’s record of climbing fastest into a managerial position. The other people in the firm do not like me very much.

Since I am very busy during the day, I work my brain a great deal buried in all kinds of accounting calculations. At the end of the day I go back home tired and happy to go back to the one place I love so much – my home and my family.

I love our house in which we have lived in since I got married to my husband. Our two kids have been born and have grown in the very same house and now they are in college. Home is the best place for me to relax and get rejuvenated after a hard day’s work.

Sleep is very important and I like to get quality 8 hours of sleep each day. Unfortunately for the last few weeks I have not had very good sleep. I am very sensitive to noise and of late my husband has been making funny noises grinding his teeth in his sleep which has been greatly disturbing my sleep. Not knowing the reason for the cause of him grinding his teeth we decided to consult an expert.

The expert informed us that my husband had bruxism – a condition that caused teeth grinding. To control the condition the doctor prescribed wearing mouth guards to sleep which would prevent the grinding action by eliminating the grinding sensation that encouraged the action.

The expert told us that the grinding action was usually a cause of stress. We agreed with the observation since my husband had been having a lot of work related stress which must have triggered the bruxism.

Whilst wearing the night mouth guard to manage the bruxism, the doctor also encouraged therapy to manage the stress.