My shopping challenges finally caught up with me

My shopping challenges finally caught up with me

I hate shopping, not buying… buying stuff is okay but shopping for stuff is what I hate. I consider shopping as the purchasing of commodities after detailed due diligence about its availability, its price, and the availability of the same product at a better bargain in another outlet. This is what I just do not have the patience for. Usually what I do is just buy what I want from the nearest available store.

My wife usually does most of the shopping. Even for my stuff. She realized my hopelessness in shopping way back when we were dating. When I went shopping, I would buy stuff very expensively whereas she could buy the same stuff at much cheaper prices. I was also at a loss when it came to buying the right quantities. I would either buy too much or too little. Often I had to grudgingly go back and buy more of the same product.

Another problem was that I did not care to take advantage of sale offers and promotions. There were many promotion plans such as where one could earn points if they used their credit cards to shop from particular stores. Other promotions were where one could buy certain products and at the end of the day they could redeem some of the money that they had used shopping.

These plans and promotions were too complicated for me to understand how they worked, or rather, I was just not bothered to take time and understand them. Therefore, whereas my wife would often get items at amazing deals, I would miss out. I was also not very keen of what we needed back in the house especially when it came to the kitchen stuff. When buying cooking oil, detergents, and other similar stuff, I had to always call my wife while at the store shelves to confirm which particular brand we used. Due to my numerous challenges, we eventually decided that my wife would be doing the shopping.

My wife recently received a memo that within a month’s time, she would be representing her company in an eight weeks long workshop in the U.K. My wife works in a leading international oil company and the summit would be attended by representatives from all around the world. She did not have a choice but to attend.

I would therefore have to manage the home and our two kids for the two months.

I am usually petrified of being without the help of my wife for a weekend leave alone two months. Obviously I would have to hire a house help to do the cleaning but what about the other stuff. For example, what about the shopping. It is impossible for her to shop for all the things that we might need for the duration, especially in the case of groceries and other foods such as milk.

Since we have some time before she goes away for the two months, my wife has been taking me with her to do the shopping. It does not matter that I hate the experience, I have to at least learn some basics.

My shopping challenges finally caught up with me Credit Picture License: Mango Mirror via photopin cc