What Is The Best Electric Trains Et For Growing Kids


Electric Toy Trains are one the best toys you can buy for your growing kids. They are easy to operate yet they present a reasonable challenge to assemble, which is important for growing kids. The challenge allows the kids to improve their problem solving skills, and experience the joy of solving problems on their own. Furthermore, it allows the kids to improve their social skills when they use it to play with other kids. If it’s the first time they are getting an electric train, it can be a great resource of learning to assemble it from the manual, and teaching their friends to do the same, enhances their learning skills. In this article, we will look at factors to consider when deciding What Is the Best Electric Trains for Growing Kids.

Trains for Young Children

Age is an important factor when you are choosing a toy electric train for your child. Children between the ages of three years and seven years are young enough to enjoy and find wooden trains to be fascinating. You can buy wooden toy train-sets such as Brio and Maxim; they are simple and interesting. At that age, the child is only interested in the fact that the toy is moving and it looks like a train. They may not have the interest of knowing how it compares with an actual train.

Trains for Older Children

Ones the child turns eight years old, they will start to appreciate the complexity of trains, not just their outward appearance. At that age, they may be able to compare what they have with what their friends have. Therefore, between the ages of eight to eleven years, your child will appreciate and cherish an advanced electric toy train. They will provide the child will a certain level of realism the will begin to realize the power of creativity. It’s also at that age that children develop their passion on what they want to do with their life, a passion that they may hold onto for the rest of their lives if you nature them properly.

Scale Gauge

The scale of the trains is another important factor that you will want to consider. Toy trains vary from the biggest models to the smallest models. As you might expect, you will pay more for the bigger models. The bigger models will also be more complex and their design will be similar to what you find with smaller trains. G scale at 1:22.5, is the biggest model and it’s ideal for an outdoor setup such as in your backyard. The large size makes it fun for older children and they may enjoy it until they become teenagers. Other bigger models are O scale at 1:48 and HO at 1:87. The HO electric train set is popular because it can be set outdoors and indoors, making it the favorite among hobbyists.

Smaller Trains

Another smaller scale train that is popular with hobbyists is the N scale at 1:160; however, this size is suited for an indoor setup. However, it’s size is just big enough to accommodate all complexities of an actual train. If you believe that your child may like trains enough to become a hobbyist, then you should consider buying them either the size N or size HO electric toy trains. The smallest scale of an electric toy train is the Z scale 1:220. This one can be setup on a table and is best for kids who show a remote interest in their wooden trains.


Overall, you can buy any brand but you may also want to consider the traditional brands such as the Hornby and Lionel train sets. You will also want to consider between the passenger and freight trains. The microenvironment the train will operate in is important. That’s because it gives the child the actual feel of how important trains are to our economy. We hope you have found this article about What Is the Best Electric Trains for Growing Kids to be informative, and you will choose the best train for your child.