Comparing my current life to my former life and reminiscing my life as a single man

My life when I was single was an awesome period. I enjoyed so much freedom and I was able to pursue whatever I wanted at any time. I could not fully appreciate the benefits of living alone and most of the time I thought I was disadvantaged not to have a partner to share my time and experiences with. Despite the many advantages that I am now able to enjoy as a married man, I look back and miss some of the privileges that I had in my former life.

Like any man, I have a boyish side. When I was single I loved playing video games for long continuous periods. There were times when I would spend the entire weekend indoors playing a computer game. I was always very keen to get the latest most rated games and I would try to complete the challenges in the shortest time. Today I obviously cannot do this. It would be rude and unfair to my wife who has no interest in the games and which she finds childish.

We still live in my house, the house I lived in as a bachelor. It is a relatively spacious one bedroomed house with a decent living room and a decent kitchen. When I was a bachelor, I often thought of moving from the house since it seemed to be too large for me. This was hugely because it was largely empty.

I only had a few pieces of essential furniture that included; a futon that doubled as a couch and as a bed, a coffee table, my computer desk, a comfy office chair, my bed, a wardrobe, a bedside table and a cabinet. I often considered the extra free space an excess. I was thinking of moving to a smaller house that would help me save some money on cheaper rent.

Today the same house is too small, this is not according to me but according to my wife who has repeatedly mentioned the fact that I am now thinking of moving to a bigger house. My wife’s presence in the house has necessitated the addition of more items and the doing away of many of my former items. She for example took away my beloved futon for she said it was too old and ugly. She instead insisted that we furnish the room with some leather sofas.

Other additions that have come into the house include a thick expensive carpet. I never had such a rug before. For me it was an unnecessary addition that was hugely inconveniencing especially when it came to cleaning.

My wife also said that my house was musty. I had never realized this before. I had once in a while seen the mold on my items but I had taken it for granted. Today I have a whole house dehumidifier thanks to the intervention of my wife.

Although all the changes that have occurred in my house and in my life are for the better, I cannot help but miss my old simple single life.